A Day For Simple Pleasures

It's the first quiet Sunday of the new year for me and I'm enjoying a day of relaxation. A pajama wearing, cup of tea drinking, daydreaming kind of day. Thoughts of new designs and plans for LizKiz in 2017 are never far from my mind, but for today.............

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Too much blue sky for an inside day.

As an American who moved to England about 5 years ago, I have to say that one of the things I miss most about the US are the unending supply of sunny days with beautiful blue skies. Don't get me wrong, we get nice weather here as well....just not as often! This past weekend brought gorgeous weather, so in spite of the fact that I had a whole lot to get done inside, I decided to take my inside work outside. To be fair, I probably did more sky gazing and coffee drinking then I did actual work. I did finish some sketches for several new jewelry designs, so I guess that counts as productivity!

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Wedding season is upon us!

With wedding planning season in full swing, I've been busy creating several new designs for the wedding collection. Non traditional wildflower bouquets are big this year along with handpainted boho accents. I must admit that although I'm not big on trends, this is one I am totally enjoying. With many of my designs being originally created with watercolor and brush, I'm happily painting the day away to create the basis for new compacts and necklaces sets. Here's a peek at one of the new compact mirror designs being added this week.

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